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Food Course

Would you like to learn how to prepare exotic Indonesian food for yourself or a loved one?

If yes, then welcome to the Indonesian food course! Our food course offers instruction in various Indonesian dishes.

During one course, we prepare 3-5 dishes together. You will receive recipes and a shopping list in advance. Please let us know about your allergies in advance and we will find suitable ingredient substitutes for you.

During the course, food is prepared together. After it is prepared, we enjoy the meal that we just prepared together. The cooking course lasts about 3-4 hours.

In addition to cooking, we will also learn a little bit of the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). while we get to know the history of Indonesian food.

After the course, you get to keep the recipe and cooking instructions for yourself, so that you can prepare your own Indonesian meals with confidence in the future.

Our food course can be held as a live course or online course.

Cooking is a fun and rewarding way to spend time together. Everyone is welcome to our cooking classes!

Online food course

      • We will prepare a menu of 3-4 dishes together
      • The duration of the course is approx. 3-4 hours depending on the dishes
      • The price is per household or machine.
      • The participation price includes recipes, a shopping list and distance teaching.
      • Participants source the ingredients themselves in advance.

During the online food course

      • We prepare the meals together with the participants, showing and explaining the steps of each recipe.
      • During the course, you can make only part of the food or all of it in its entirety if you want.
      • You can also participate just by listening and watching.
      • The portions in the instructions are scaled for approx. 5 people.
      • You can prepare dishes in smaller or higher portions if you wish.