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Order, payment and delivery terms

To use our services, you have agreed to the following terms and conditions, unless we have a separate written agreement :

Booking, Payment and Billing Terms for the Catering Service and Food Ordering Service

These booking, payment, and invoicing conditions are applied to Gado-gado Tmi’s (Business ID 3181129-5) Catering and Food Ordering service.


Gado-Gado Tmi gives a written offer for the desired service and the other service agreed with the customer. The tender is calculated according to the number of guests specified in the invitation to tender and other information provided therein.

The offer lists the products, services, and supplies that are included in the offer price. Separate booking, payment, and billing conditions if required. The offer is always valid for the agreed period. If the offer is not accepted by the deadline, the offer will be invalid. The validity period of the offer depends on the order and the number of people. The offer is binding on the catering service.


The offer becomes a binding order agreement between the customer and gado-gado Tmi when the customer declares that he/she accepts the offer prepared by Gado-gado Tmi.

The customer may give notice of acceptance of the offer either orally or in writing. Oral acceptance can be given either in person by appointment or by telephone. A letter, e-mail and text message are considered written acceptance. If desired, the customer can receive a separate written order agreement.


For binding bookings, we charge a booking fee of 30% of the total amount of the offer. We will deduct this amount from to final invoice. The due date for the booking fee is 10 days before the event.

The booking fee is non-refundable if the event is canceled by the customer.

The final payment will be invoiced after the event. Final invoice payment term: 14 days net.

For the overdue receivable, we charge the statutory default interest in force at the time.


The final number of guests must be notified to Gado-gado 10 days before the event.

We invoice according to the ordered quantity. As the number of people at the event increases, we will bill the actual participant according to the number. Invoicing follows the pricing on which the offer is based. Invoicing also takes into account changes and additional services announced by the customer, such as special diets announced after ordering, additional meals, additional dishes, etc.

The estimated items presented in the offer will be invoiced according to what has been realized, e.g. working hours.

Other Payment Methods

We currently pay by Billing (Nordea e-invoicing or bank transfer) SumUp card with payment, Mobile-Pay and cash. Receipts are only provided electronically.

Other terms and conditions

In connection with the rental of dishes and serving dishes, we will charge you for missing or broken dishes as follows:

+ Broken or missing dishes/cutlery / glasses, according to the purchase price

Terms of ordering, payment, and delivery of other Gado-gadon services.

Terms of ordering, payment, and delivery of other Gado-gadon services.

The terms of this Booking, Payment, and Billing apply to other Gado-gadon services other than the Catering Service and the Food Ordering Service.


Please order the products no later than 3 days before pick-up/delivery (with the exception of meals). Please note that there may be congestion during the high seasons.

Add the pick-up or delivery date and time to the text of your order in the field on the order form. If you forget to mark the time, you can also send it by e-mail afterwards. However, we will contact you as part of your order, so you don’t have to worry about this.


Cancellation is free of charge 5 days before the delivery date.

Cancellation fee 50% of the order value if the cancellation occurs 3 days before the delivery date.

Cancellation fee 80% of the value of the order if the cancellation occurs 2 days before the delivery date.

If the cancellation is made 1 day before or on the delivery date, our charge will be 100%.


You can pick up the products from the Gado-gado pick-up point at the premises at the agreed time, at Vaeltajantie 2 C10 33480, Ylöjärvi. The car can be driven in front of the house for pick-up.

We also deliver to the agreed address at an additional cost

Other terms and conditions

We reserve the right to cancel your order within 24 hours of the order date if it is not possible to deliver the ordered products.

We will notify you of the cancellation by phone or, if we cannot catch you, by email.