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Indonesian food for your next party or event?

Annisa’s Kitchen Food Order is our light catering service, through which you can order just food products from us without serving staff or dishes. This is a great option if you would like to plan and arrange the service for your guests yourself.

We offer food delivery, but it is also possible to pick up the food from our kitchen. If you choose to have your food delivered, we will deliver it to the place of your choice.

Ordering food is a great option for small parties such as birthdays, christenings, bachelor parties, etc.

Sometimes it’s wonderful not to have to do everything yourself. Order delicious food from us and serve it how you like, in your own style!

Pick up or delivery of orders

As a rule, all our ordered food can be picked up or transported from our kitchen as cold products.

Upon special request, we will also heat the products to their serving temperature. You can also rent heated containers from us if needed.

We have various ordering options for our Food Order service It is possible to order, for example, a single dish separately or a larger amount of snacks or lunch for meetings or other events.

Deep fried snacks

We have a variety of delicious fried snacks available. They can be served immediately or frozen and reheated in the oven. Our fried snacks selection includes spring rolls, bakwans, martabaks, croquettes, etc.

Indonesian Pastries

There are many different mouth-watering sweet treats in Indonesia, from traditional to modern. These sweets are perfect with coffee or tea and can be served e.g. at meetings, parties or other events.

Savoury Pies

Pies are always a great option for any occasion, from parties to meetings and other occasions. They are light but fulfilling and most importantly, everyone loves them because they are tasty. We make a variety of pies from meat to vegan according to your request.


Our selection also includes canapés. Canapés are a great finger food option when you want to offer refreshing, elegant and delicious snacks at your party or event..

Dinner / lunch box

A dinner or lunch box is the perfect alternative for outdoor or indoor events. It’s a simple, easy and safe way to serve food at any event.

Snack box

A light meal that is perfect for meetings or other events. Pies, rolls, or coffee pastries (Indonesian or Western) can be placed in the snack box.