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Home-cooked food delivery to your home?

Our food box is one delicious way to make your daily life easier. Order food directly to your home or workplace and get tasty home cooking delivered according to your wishes and needs. We take into account different diets as well as possible allergies. We also prepare Halal dishes on request.

We deliver food hot or cold according to your choice. Cold food is stored in heat-resistant disposable containers, which makes heating food easy and effortless. You can order food for a few days or even an entire week if you want to, since our dishes are easily freezable.

Our menu is not limited to Indonesian food. We also prepare other Asian dishes (e.g. Thai and Indian). We also prepare everyday Finnish food, such as traditional mashed potatoes, meatballs, salmon, baked potatoes and makaroonilaatikko.

Order now and enjoy an easier everyday life!


In our kitchen we prepare all kinds of Indonesian dishes from all the Indonesian islands. The availability of certain dishes depends on whether an ingredient is available in Finland at that time. It is likely that in many cases we will have to replace some of the original ingredients with local ingredients. Nevertheless, it is possible to prepare every dish on the menu on request. Feel free to contact us and let us know which dishes you would like to order. We will prepare them for you! If you are not already familiar with Indonesian food, we suggest going through our recommendations Menu.

Non-Indonesian food is prepared on request.


We deliver food free of charge to the center of Ylöjärvi as well as to Haavisto, Ylöjärvi. Outside Haavisto, delivery costs are 0.55 € / km. The minimum order is 5 servings. For regular orders or regular customers, it is possible to agree separately on the price and payment method.