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Annisa’s Kitchen By Gado-Gado Tmi


Gado-Gado Tmi is a company founded in early 2021. Annisa’s Kitchen (Business ID: 3181129-5) is a brand operating under the Gado-gado business name.

Annisa’s Kitchen serves authentic dishes from the Indonesian archipelago. With Annisa’s Kitchen, we offer the chance to experience the tastes of the Indonesian archipelago.

Annisa’s Kitchen recipes come from Annisa’s family.

The name Gado-Gado comes from the Indonesian word gado gado, which is a traditional Indonesian salad. In Indonesia, the word is also sometimes used to describe a complex life, referring to the complex taste of the gado gado. Gado gado salad has many different flavors – such as sweetness, saltiness, acidity, a little bitterness and heat. Gado-Gado includes a variety of vegetables, and when mixed together, they become really tasty.

Life is complicated. Joy, anger, happiness and disappointment are all part of life. The different stages and emotions of life make life wonderful. Just like the Gado-Gado salad, Annisa’s life has been complicated, but overall wonderful. The name Gado-gado reflects this philosophy.

Indonesia and its food cultures

Indonesia is an exotic and multicultural country with thousands of islands. Each island has a different language, has different food cultures as well as different traditional costumes. More than 800 different languages are spoken in Indonesia. In Indonesia, each island has its own delicacies. For example Sate Lilit and Ayam betutu are from the island of Bali, Rendang comes from the island of Sumatra, Mie Aceh is from Banda Aceh, Nasi Gudeg comes from Java, and so on. Each dish from each island represents the richness of the island’s natural resources and culture.

We hope that as customers taste our delicious dishes and enjoy the aromatic aroma of our food, they will experience traveling to Indonesia and experiencing our culture straight from their own dining table.

We also offer Indonesian casual and street food because we want our customers to be able to experience what local Indonesians eat every day.

We believe that food is one of the best ways to represent culture. We also believe that food is a great unifier that brings us together and makes us forget our differences. We also believe that good and tasty food brings smiles and happiness to our lives.

Welcome to experience Indonesian food culture!